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Latin Music Superstar Juanes Shines Light on 2014 Ram 1500

New single “La Luz” takes center stage

March 19, 2014

Grammy-winning Latin Rock musician Juanes on stage in latest Ram

With six solo albums to his credit and multi-platinum sales of over 16 million copies, Juanes is the world’s leading all-Spanish-language rock artist. The multiple GRAMMY & LATIN GRAMMY winner is also frequently recognized as one of the Spanish-speaking world’s leading social media voices with an online following of over 15 million fans.

The Ram Truck brand and Grammy-winning Latin Rock musician Juanes introduce the latest commercial in their extended partnership on the “A Todo, Con Todo” (“To Everything, with Everything”) Spanish-language advertising campaign. The new TV spot featuring Juanes’ new hit single “La Luz” (“The Light”) is the final installment of an ad series promoting the 2014 Ram light-duty truck centered on Juanes and his road crew.

The new “A Todo, Con Todo” prominently features Juanes performing “La Luz” on stage while also focusing on his road crew’s diligent efforts to set up for his concert “once the lights go out.” Juanes and his crew rely on the Ram 1500 to move heavy stage equipment from city to city so they can deliver fan-pleasing performances.


“The ‘A Todo, con Todo’ campaign with Juanes is engaging and memorable,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA US LLC. “Effective marketing should tell a story just as this series of commercials does. The ‘La Luz’ ad showcases the shared drive, determination and overall performance of Juanes, his crew and the Ram 1500 truck. They work together to deliver an outstanding performance for music fans and truck owners alike.”

Launched in December 2013, “La Luz” is Juanes’ latest single off the highly anticipated album “Loco De Amor,” scheduled for release in March 2014.

“It’s been quite the ride working with Ram Truck on the latest campaign” said Juanes. “The brand has supported my music both on and off the stage, helping us get from one show to the next. It’s exciting to have my new song ‘La Luz’ on the latest spot. It’s a powerful song for a powerful truck.”

The 30-second Ram spot, both continues the campaign’s emphasis on the values of hard work and determination shared by the brand and Latin cultures, and highlights the class-leading innovations of the 2014 Ram 1500.

“In key truck markets like Houston, Los Angeles and New York, the multicultural population is in fact the majority population*,” said Juan Torres, Head of Multicultural Advertising, FCA US LLC. “Marketers must understand the lens through which multicultural consumers see brands; Ram Truck is telling a story that integrates cultural values and insight to connect emotionally with these consumers.”

The latest Spanish-language Ram Truck TV ad is running nationally on the Univision and Telemundo networks.

About the “A Todo, Con Todo” Campaign
The Ram Truck brand introduced the first ad from the extended “A Todo, Con Todo” campaign with Juanes in 2013. The television commercial “Beyond the Encore” served as a teaser for the collaboration, primarily focusing on the Ram 1500’s interior, technology and fuel efficiency. Three additional spots were then released continuing the story of hard work and determination as Juanes’ road crew sets up for concerts. The new “La Luz” TV ad, the final spot in this story, delivers a climactic unveiling of Juanes as the brand’s ambassador.

The new spot highlights vehicle characteristics the road crew depends on to set the stage for Juanes, such as technology, air suspension and fuel efficiency. All spots are available for viewing on the Ram Truck brand’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/RamTrucks.

The “A Todo, Con Todo” campaign was created by Dallas-based Richards/Lerma agency, the Hispanic marketing arm of The Richards Group.

* 2010 United States Census